Left to pick up the pieces after abandonment, abuse, emigration, and desperate poverty in the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, a group of Honduran single mothers enter an NGO-run community designed to provide a future for their children through education.  Although this is their best chance at ever breaking the cycle of poverty, the rivalries and regimentation of life in the community prove to be a difficult sacrifice.  They now struggle with the impossible choice of whether to stay in this restrictive, though secure, environment or to brave the uncertain, though free, life on the outside.  Because the filmmakers lived among five of these mothers over a six-month period, Solo Madres is an intimate portrait of the hardships the families faced, and the undying humor, love and hope which sustained them.   Through their spirited, heart-wrenching, hilarious, and deeply revealing stories, the viewer will finally hear the voices of those most affected by the emigration of Latin America’s men and the entrenched economic and gender inequalities that impact our global community. 


Todd Looby - Prod/Writ/Dir/Edit/Photo

Monica Desmond - Prod/Director

Ramiro Castro - Editor

Project Status:

We are excited to announce that we signed on Leslie Simmer of award-winning Kartemquin Films and Vlad Radovanov, Executive Producer of Sundance-winning “We Live in Public” as advisors on this project.!  Because of a grant from the Chicago Arts Assistance Program, we were also able to bring on Ramiro Castro of viral web sensation, BigDogEatChild

Working with Ramiro, we recently completed a 55-minute rough cut comprised mostly of Priscila’s story.  The “Priscila Excerpt” of Solo Madres is a powerful portrait of a desperate family’s grief, hope and humor as an unimaginable tragedy strikes their family.


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