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Edwin G. Kollie – a 15 year-old Liberian war orphan - always dreamed of making a Nollywood movie...and he had only two days to finish a script, build an entire African village set, and cast the 30 villagers needed – none of whom had any prior experience.  And budget?  This was Liberia, West Africa – a country that still lacks an electrical grid.  The kids were forced to use only those things in their immediate disposal:  palm trees, grass, dirt, colored-rocks, water, bed sheets, chickens, and, of course, imagination.  They had six hours of daylight after school to put the whole production together and shoot it.  

Edwin and his classmates lived through one of Africa’s most brutal civil wars and their experiences informed everything they did.  They had a message of healing to convey. And although the odds were stacked against, they were determined to prove that they were every bit as capable as the Nigerians.   Todd Looby, director of the Liberian Slamdance-winning short, “Son of None”, follows Edwin’s effort and makes a big discovery along the way.