Praise for A Saint on Death Row:

"This book is a life-changer. Thomas Cahill has shown—through the extraordinary life of one man—that God works everywhere and can bring the most beautiful soul to maturity in even the most horrifying circumstances. If you read his story you will never forget Dominique Green, nor will you ever feel the same way about our courts, our prisons, and our criminal justice system."

Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking

"Though this is a book that ends in death, it does not end in despair. Read it and discover how even the obscenity of capital punishment can be transformed into an occasion of light and peace."

Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa

"A deeply moving narrative about a man transformed as he faced an unjust execution."

James H. Cone, author of Black Theology and Black Power

"I expect A Saint on Death Row to become a classic in the growing struggle to cleanse this nation finally of the sin of the death penalty."

Jonathan Kozol

"Riveting.... [A] poignant tribute.... Cahill's moving tale shines a sharp light on a negligent and flawed justice system."

The Christian Science Monitor

"An inspiring story of growth and redemption.... Cahill has achieved something grander than straight biography here: an intervention in public memory."

Texas Observer

"An affecting book.... Cahill stimulates deep thought about good and evil, and he is an intelligent, engaging historian."

The Dallas Morning News

"Intensely powerful.... A case history of the failures of society.... There is so much in this meticulously researched and clearly explained book to make you think."

Washington Lawyer

"Powerful.... [A] story of redemption and forgiveness.... In patient detail, [Cahill] captures a young street kid responding to [the death penalty] with such growing equanimity, grace, and saintliness.... [An] excellent book."

Baltimore City Paper

"Remarkable.... Cahill's book stimulates deep thought about good and evil.... Readers could count themselves foolish to pass by any book he writes.... An affecting book."

The Tampa Bay Times

"Moving.... A powerful challenge to any notion that all is more or less OK with the administration of criminal justice in the US.... Once you've gotten to know [Dominique Green] in Cahill's pages, [he] is not likely to slip very quickly from your memory."

Richard Bernstein, The Daily Beast

"Everyone who reads [A Saint on Death Row] will be touched by it.... Dominique's shining example of a rehabilitated life, indeed a rebirth within a living death, will surely stand as silent witness against the continued employment of the death penalty."


The Miami Herald

"Cahill reveals the stomach-knotting circumstances of Dominique's childhood years with great sensitivity.... This is not merely an academic account of miscarried justice. [Cahill is] lending [his] voice to someone who has been dehumanized, debased.... Cahill's central question lingers like the burn of stomach acid in the back of one's throat: What did we gain-what?-by killing him?"

Paste Magazine

"An inspiring example of human development on Death Row."

America Magazine

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A battle rages on Texas Death Row. Prisoners claiming innocence resist the inhumane conditions and protest their executions. Use of force by the guards is increasing and tension between the two sides is boiling over. Dominique Green, a ten-year veteran of death row, is engaged in another battle - one of complete self-transformation.  Through meeting Desmond Tutu, he became fully devoted to the healing power of forgiveness. He forgave those that wronged him and sought out the victims of the crime for which he was sentenced to die. He also persuaded his fellow inmates to do the same. But as the battle inside escalates, his execution date nears and all but one appeal is denied, Dominique is forced to make the one choice that will either define his legacy or save his life.

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