This series tells the story of Liberia Mission, Inc. via some of its most remarkable children.  The film also explores the history of Liberia, its unique ties to the United States, the country's brutal 14-year civil war and its drive to rebuild.


Part 1 tells the story of "Handful" Kollie who was found naked and hungry in an internally displaced camp in 2003.  He was the first child taken in by LMI. Seven years later, he is in the 8th Grade and is determined to be an agriculturalist so that Liberians will never again have to suffer the hunger he had as a child. He is also a respected leader at the Mission, where many of the younger children follow his lead bearing dreams that focus on re-building their country.


The series also tells the story of Benjamin Wollor who was never able to attend school prior to turning eleven, an age when most Americans are in 5th grade.  Ten years later, Benjamin was elected the President of his high school.  His mother, not having seen him in years, traveled 3 days by boat to see his installation as President.  We were lucky enough to witness her addressing the school about her son and the future of Liberia - a speech which nearly brought down the house.


We also meet Serliae Johnson, like Handful, she is one of the first students to be taken in by Liberia Mission, Inc. after suffering the loss of her parents.  Serliae has a love for singing and dreams of becoming a doctor some day.  She was also recently elected vice-president of the school - the first female to do so.  Serliae's story helps explore the unique opportunities women have in Liberian society, following the lead of their President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.


Marcus Gborman, one of the Mission's newer students and a consummate entertainer is having a hard time adjusting to the structure of the mission and school.  We followed Marcus as he visits his parents in their traditional African village and learns the importance of education. 


Finally, we witnessed the heartbreaking, sudden death of ten year-old Elijah Koko, which provided a troubling glimpse into the fragility of life in Liberia.


Ultimately, all of these stories illustrate the improbable founding, rapid growth and success of Liberia Mission, Inc.  Through the lives of these children, we see the mission's role in re-building a country for a peaceful future and the work yet to be done.

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Todd Looby - Prod/Writ/Dir/Edit/Photo

Jerome C. Cabeen - Co-Producer

Matt Hayes - Co-Producer

Dan Macaluso -  Composer

Project Status:

All Six of the Segments are posted to YouTube and the Liberia Mission Website!